We deeply mourn the loss of life and suffering due to the tragic fire in West Warwick. Lupo’s was established in 1975 and we take pride in our safety record. We are totally committed to the safety of all our patrons. Below is a full list of our Safety Features.
Sincerely, Rich Lupo + Staff

  • Lupo’s contains a fully functional sprinker and fire detection system directly linked to the Providence Fire Department
  • Lupo’s works closely with the Providence Police & Fire Departments. There is a Providence Firefighter on site at every Lupo’s show.
  • There is a Providence Police Officer on site for a majority of our shows.
  • There are 11 fire detectors, 24+ fully functioning fire extinguishers, 2 call boxes, as well as emergency lighting installed at Lupo’s.
  • There are 7 exit points from the club; each with 2 or more exit doors.
    Locations: 2 in the main entrance (Lobby); 1 near restrooms,west side of club, adjacent to lobby; 1 on east side of club, adjacent to lobby, opposite the restrooms; 1 inside the main room, west side of the club towards the stage; 2 in mezzanine/balcony – on east & west sides of mezzanine/balcony at the first row, which opens on a stairway leading directly to the street.
  • Lupo’s is located in the Strand Theater building.  The structure is an entirely brick, concrete (and other masonry materials) and steel structure, high, non-suspended concrete and plaster ceilings.
  • The entire building is equipped with a fully functioning sprinkler and fire detection system directly linked to the Providence Fire Department.
  • We do not allow pyrotechnics in Lupo’s.
  • There is very little cloth/fabric in Lupo’s. What we have is annually treated with fire retardant and is inspected and tested by the Providence Fire Department.

The Rosendale Group Presents JUICE WRLD – 9.14.18

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